Petrol Instruments S.r.l. is a 100% Italian Company and is one of the few manufacturers in the world of double case PD flow meters all in stainless steel or with only the metering mechanism (inner housing ass’y) in stainless steel.

Derived from a technical agreement in 1970 with TOKICO, a Company belonging to the Hitachi group, Petrol Instruments produces since many years rotor type, double case and single case, PD (Positive Displacement) flow meters for the measurement, within the limits of legal accuracy, of practically all the liquids industrially used. Petrol Instruments PD flow meters have contributed to the automation and modernization of many industrial processes for their reliability and their operating characteristics coupled with a very high manufacturing technique.

During the years “PETROL INSTRUMENTS” has accumulated a very strong experience to allow also the production of PD flowmeters suitable for the heaviest operating conditions in the more different industrial fields such as: the measurement of blood, of phtalic and of maleic anhydride, of crude oil on well-heads, of heavy oils at high temperatures and of sea water.
Such a technical background and the investments yearly destined to the research in the field of the volumetric measurement of liquids have till now satisfied each particular need of the customers.